Purpose oriented

We are being nurtured through 3 stages of education. Play to Passion to purpose ‘Play’ is freedom to be ‘unstructured’ in our early education. Consequently, the school climate injects ‘Passion’ in us, which will eventually mould us into a rightly spirited Human Being with a ‘Purpose’, later in our life.


One of the key traits of Emotional Intelligence is empathy. As we develop our EI, we develop our power to understand our own feelings and the feelings of others; so as to exercise self control by mastering our own emotions.


We are being prepared to be a past of a team. We are given plenty of opportunities for discussion. Complex learning activities that require collaborative effort are brainstormed in big or small groups.

Creative and critical thinkers

We consider rejecting standardized formats for Problem Solving. We take multiple perspectives on a problem. We use trial and error methods in our experimentation. We also challenge assumptions and recognize the importance of context, to explore alternatives.


We have a ‘monkey brain’( new brain) involved in cognitive processes such as reflection and understanding. We train to use our new brain to slow things down before we respond,check things out, reason, listen, reflect , empathise and communicate.


We believe in giving. We promise to be givers to the social, political, economical and spiritual causes of our fellow beings.


We understand the value of time. We do extra. We struggle to connect with the creations; and the Creator as well.


We develop and use conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge in different discipline through personal experience. We are cognizant and engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance.

Dot connectors

We synthesize data into actionable insights and understand how to find relationship between everyday interactions and sometimes between seemingly unrelated things – to better solve a problem.


Over the past 12 years Peace Educators have been successful in carving a niche of its own in the realm of Educational in South India. We are 7000+ students and 500+ teachers strong; and growing. Our curriculum stands tall among the best curriculum around the globe.