• Welcome to PeaceĀ® International Schools

    Peace Educational Foundation is a Muslim Initiative standing for a paradigm shift in the field of Education on the perception of Education is the process of making human personality through training its physical, emotional, intellectual, imaginative as well as spiritual aspects. The Foundation strive its best to commence excellent schools as well as other educational institutions on the basic of this perception.

  • Peace Public School, Manglore

    Peace Public School Manglore

    Students are brought up in a diversified environment which have people from different states and countries to learn them the importance of equality.

  • Peace Public School, Kasargod

    Peace Public School Kasargod

    Peace school Kasargod has well designed buildings and furniture to make the students feel homey and comfortable and to give them the awareness that learning is an interesting process.

  • Peace International School, Trikaripur

    Peace International School Trikaripur

    Students learn based on international curriculum along with Islamic studies covering all facets of Islam.

  • Peace Public School, Payangadi

    Peace Public School Payangadi

    Training in Quran recitation with proper thajweed and memorization(Hifz).Student behaviour is enlightened by value education and moral science classes.

  • Peace International School, Kozhikode

    Peace International School Kozhikode

    Every child is a gift from god, amanath. They should be brought up giving proper education and moral values to live in this society and to enjoy the prosperities of jannath.

  • Peace Public School, Manjeri

    Peace Public School Manjeri

    Peace school with its international existence and standard, provide quality education for the student all over the world.

  • Peace Public School, Vengara

    Peace Public School Vengara

    Talents and abilities of every child is diversified. Peace school help the students to identify their interests and guide them to reach their destination.

  • Peace Public School, Kottakkal

    Peace Public School Kottakkal

    Peace School is located at the heart of Kottakkal yet the school is separated from the crowd of town and the students are provided with pleasant atmosphere.

  • Peace Public School, Mathilakam

    Peace Public School Mathilakam

    Students should learn to defend themselves. To guide them peace school has well versed marshal artists to give coaching in marshal arts. They are not taught to fight but to defend there is our moral studies shows up its importance.

  • Peace International School, Ernakulam

    Peace International School Ernakulam

    Students experience an interactive learning process. Education is the process of making human personality through training its physical, emotional,intellectual ,imaginative as well as spiritual aspects.

  • Peace Public School, Kollam

    Peace Public School Kollam

    Peace campus, Kollam heralds positive developments in all fields by providing academic and moral excellence in an Islamic environment. ‘Education is the process of making human personality through training its physical, emotional, intellectual, imaginative as well as spiritual aspects’, this is what Peace school, Kollam aims. Fulfilling the Peace perspective, it aims to educate the complete child. In the year 2008-2009, Mr.Noufal Salam, Chairman and Trustee had a vision to bring in holistic growth through excellence secular education in an Islamic environment to the students of all arenas. For which, he joined hands with Peace Educational Foundation to impart its vision and mission among the common people through excellent education in nurturing the World Class leaders.Peace School, Kollam has a humble beginning initiated with kindergarten at Kallumthazham, Kollam and now it is scaling height with grade 8 along with self substantial infrastructure at Kaniyamthodu, Near Mukhathala, Kollam. Following the principles under the banner of Peace Schools, Peace School Kollam was born. The implementation of the Peace Philosophy, learning to learn, proficiency in communication, expanding and integrating knowledge, the School offers creatively oriented multimedia classrooms with efficient amenities. This initiative was considered sacred as moral values, holistic education, spiritual, physical, emotional, imaginative and intellectual needs are instilled democratically to the students by able faculty. Peace School, Kollam advocates its affiliation to IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) programme of Edexcel, a world renowned curriculum. Edexcel has awarded us the affiliation centre code as 96039 on 17th May 2016.