21st century school leadership


Throughout an academic year

  • Principals will be transformed from micro managers to real leaders.
Mode of Delivery
  • Training
  • Observation
  • Coaching
  • Documentation
  • Seminar
  • Principal Professional Development Program
  • Principal profiling
  • Leadership qualities
  • Academic challenges and duties
  • Teacher observation protocol elements
  • Strategic planning
  • Setting goals
  • Performance criteria
  • Trainings
  • Observation and workshops

LEADERS of CHANGE : Leadership Workshop for Principals


1 Year (4 sessions)

  • Guide Principals to create positive impacts in their premises through their effective leadership style.
  • Transforming the Leaders into EQ leaders.
  • To enhance the skills of team/ People management.
Mode of Delivery
  • Training Workshops.
  • Feedback sessions.
  • Individual meetings
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire for identifying the progress.
  • Leadership style Questionnaire.
  • EQ assessment.
  • Follow Up remedies and tools.
  • EQ theme based.
  • Appropriate Assessment and follow ups.



2 Days ( 10 Hrs )

  • Being Efficient is Important ; But far more Important is being Effective..!!
  • How to become Effective Principals..all the while being Efficient at Work..??
  • Why do People with high EQ become Bosses of People with high IQ..??
  • What is the underlying difference between an Great Manager and Great Leader..?
  • How can we strike a balance between the both..??
  • Do you Work the Team or does the Team Work you..!!?? What are the strategies to win the Confidence and Trust of your Team..?? How good a Team Player are you..?
  • In this Workshop you find answers to these questions and more..!!
  • Efficient People do the Right Things ; Effective People do Things Right..!!
  • Team Player : How Good am I..??
  • Inspirational Leader : How do I get there..??
  • Gaining Trust : How can I polish my Relationships..?
  • Professionalism = Knowledge + Skill + ……..?
  • Body speaks better than words..!! How good is my non verbal communication..??
  • Problems are no Issues..; They are just another Situation..!! How well do I solve Problems..??
  • Its Now or Never..!! Strategies to make effective Decisions.
  • Response + Ability = Responsibility ; How well do I choose my responses..??
  • Taking calculated risks
  • 21st Century Education : Catching up with Changes around me


Over the past 12 years Peace Educators have been successful in carving a niche of its own in the realm of Educational in South India. We are 7000+ students and 500+ teachers strong; and growing. Our curriculum stands tall among the best curriculum around the globe.