LOVE & CARE : Art of EI-Parenting


1 year (4 sessions for 3 clusters of parents)

  • Guide parents to mould their children by understanding their personality type and difference.
  • Encourage Parents to empower EQ in their life.
  • Motivate Parents to be a supporter for Empowering EQ skills of the child.
  • To understand errors in Parental Behaviour and rectify them and embrace Parenting Styles that supports EQ development in Children.
Mode of Delivery
  • Workshops
  • Worksheet and Checklist.
  • Parenting Style Assessment.
  • EQ Assessment.
  • Structured follow up activities from home.
  • Cluster wise session rather than general session.
  • Age appropriate topics in cluster wise sessions.
  • Dividing the grades into clusters on the basis of Psycho-social Development.
  • Interactive and activity oriented sessions.
  • Brainstorming activities.
  • Individual meetings with the parents on demand.
  • Yearly sessions are inter-related.
  • Self-Assessment for parents for brainstorming and identifying areas of Improvements.

Individual Psychological Guidance sessions for parents


Sessions on demands

  • To make their parenting roles and responsibilities more productive and effective.
  • Guidelines to manage & treat behavioural & emotional issues of their children.
  • Guidance to Develop positive characteristics in their child.
Mode of Delivery
  • Individual sitting.
  • Providing scientific tips as remedies.
  • Follow up sessions.
  • Individual meetings.
  • Follow ups on demand.

Be in Jannah with your children; ISLAMIC PARENTING


1 year (4 sessions for 3 clusters).

  • To understand and apply the teachings of Prophet(s) and his companions in married life and raising children.
  • Involving Parents in the education of their children
  • Creating an Islamic Environment in home
  • Becoming friendly with the children
  • Marriage;Peace,Love & Mercy
  • Prophet (S) & Khadeeja (R); The best couple of the world
  • Children; gifted as Amana by Allah
  • Valuable Advices of a Father to his son
  • Your children are Zeenat & Fitna..
  • Dont be your children distraction from Dhikrullah
  • Dont feed your children Haram
  • Hold your hands together to Jannah..
  • Qur’an; How good are you with?
  • Qualities of a Father


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