Peace Educational Fountation

Peace Educational Foundation is a Muslim Initiative standing for a paradigm shift in the field of Education on the perception of Education is the process of making human personality through training its physical, emotional, intellectual, imaginative as well as spiritual aspects. The Foundation strive its best to commence excellent schools as well as other educational institutions on the basic of this perception.To establish a school that natures the inherent genius in every child, cultivate independent thinking skills, foster academic excellence and inculcate strong moral values to bring up confident individuals who will be an asset to the world. Peace Public school shall strive its best to instil divine morals and values effectively while ensuring excellence through an integrated curriculum.


Bring out an exemplary society with responsible citizens who are enlighted with values and empowered with modern skills so as to provide leaders from the nation so capable as to sit on the driving seat of the world.


Constructing and maintaining ideal campus compatible to positive development in all fields, that is to provide students with "Academic and Moral Excellence in an Islamic Environment," with our educational programs geared toward the development of our students ' total personality. Peace programs, therefore, address the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of Peace students so that they achieve success in all the walks of life.

PeaceĀ® Environment