• Administrative Block

    The administrative block consists of the reception area with a large and spacious sitting area for the visitors along with adjoining Principals office, Accounts office for the convenience of students and parents.

  • Academic block

    Academic Block is a dynamic, energy charged area where ideas are exchanged to encourage interactions to discus the academic goals and brainstorming sessions between the staffs.

  • Laboratory block

    Laboratory block is occupied with different scientific equipments, models, chemicals to make learning process interesting and more understandable to students.

  • Computer lab

    Students learn computer from their basic level of growth and they are provided with high efficient computers. They are guided well to use computers.

  • Mathematical lab

    Mathematical lab gives the student the need of mathematics in daily life and the concepts of geometry, algebra, statistics etc.

  • Language lab

    Students learn wide verities of language since they have to deal with different people around the globe. Language lab is felicitated with efficient faculties and students learn language to speak, write and understand.

  • Library

    Peace school library holds thousands of books from different categories like journals, education, science, entertainment, Sci-fi, fiction, literature, Poem, short story, comics, textbooks, reference etc.

  • Digital library

    Peace school owns access to many digital archives of famous libraries to which students can login though our digital library login and read books according to their tastes. They can read through different devices as they wish.

  • Kids library

    Kids library consists of illustrated books, colourful art books and miniature model toys which helps them understand the working of real world objects.

  • Information center

    Information center is place where parents, students, staff and every one can make use of. Information center has its own staff in charge.

  • Multimedia theatre

    Children catch things more easily from videos than from reading. The multimedia theatre let students know updated news about current affairs and the application of their studies.

  • E-learning section

    Students learn not only from text books but also from the internet through modern accessible methods like computers and tablets. They can find information that is relevant to them.

  • Virtual classrooms

    Virtual class rooms are online based learning environment in which famous faculties and professors over the world to give instruction to our students.

  • Sports complex

    Sports complex is fully equipped with different kinds of outdoor sports like cricket, badminton, basketball, football and indoor games like chess, billiards, caroms, snooker etc along with qualified instructors.

  • Campus clinic

    Campus clinic provides healthy environment and serves a quick treatment in case of any accident or illness for anyone in the school.Doctors and nurses are available on school hours for ensuring student's health.

  • Martial arts center

    Students can practice martial arts like karate, kunfu, thaekwondo etc. Well known instructors are there in school to guide the students. Learning martial arts will allow the students to defend themselves.

  • Auditorium

    Peace schools has very big auditorium which could hold 1000s of students at a time. Special events are conducted in peace school auditorium.

  • Art room

    Peace schools has a well designed art room which is crafted with artworks of students. Students can practice different arts, drawings etc in the art room

  • Activity room

    In activity hours students are taken to activity room in which students do different activities with teachers guidance.

  • Landscaped garden

    Students get enough refreshments and well oxygenated environment in peace school. Landscaped gardens are an asset of school which reflect the beauty and standard of school.

  • Mini planetarium

    Different models of stars and planets and working models related to physics and a mini planetarium make the children fall in love with sky and physics.

  • Exterior classrooms

    Students are taken out of class to learn the in open area and to avoid the congestion of class rooms all time. They are let to know the nature and their surroundings

  • Masjid

    Peace school has a well spaced masjid near to the campus. Students and staffs can do their prayer on prayer times

  • International Curriculum

    Peace school has an international curriculum and international level text books which is well illustrated with colours and easily understandable.

  • Students Philosophy

    Students have built a philosophy of helping others based on Quran and Sunnah.Students respect themselves and others, and understand the diversity and independence of all people.

  • Practice of islam

    Peace school practice moral and religious studies based on Medeena University curriculum. This help the students to excel in moral values in their life and to be a role modal to others.

  • Community Projects

    Bring out an exemplary society with responsible citizens who are en-lighted with values and empowered with modern skills so as to provide leaders from the nation so capable as to sit on the driving seat of the world.

  • Islamic Atmosphere

    Students have built a philosophy of helping others based on Quran and Sunnah.Moral and religious studies based on Medeena University curriculam. The staffs are also compelled to follow a moral culture and Islamic dressing styles

  • Sports Day

    Sports days are to bring out outstanding students. Competitions between the students will make them work smart to achieve bigger goals

  • Special Day

    Special days are organized to make students participate in different social cultural activities and make them to stand out and lead the world.

  • Awards

    Students stand out in different abilities. Each child is different from other. Peace school identify their talents put on enough motivation to let them grow towards their interests.

  • Field Trips

    Children bring out happiness and they are happy to travel and they should be aware of different culture, life styles, geography etc. Students are taken to different places with proper guidance

  • Being Part Of Community

    Students respect themselves and others, and understand and appreciate the diversity and interdependence of all people.

  • Enrichment Programme

    Students are given different kinds of motivation and they are brought up in an environment to inspire themselves. Personality development programs are given to make them cope with the present.

  • Language Resources

    Students experiment with different language resources provided by the Peace school. They can speak, read, write and understand the language they learn.

  • Resposible Citizens

    Bring out an exemplary society with responsible citizens who are en-lighted with values and empowered with modern skills so as to provide leaders from the nation.

  • Learning Support

    Proper guidance and support are given to students. Proper details of students performance are updated to the parents.

  • Online Learning

    Students learn not only from text books but also from the internet through modern accessible methods like computers and tablets.

  • Peace Parenting

    Peace Parenting programmes supports the positive interaction between school and home, encouraging paraents to participate in the educational process.

  • Smart Class rooms

    Students learn in a smart classroom where each students have access to multiple smart devices.Students experiment with working models than learning from textbooks

  • Play Area

    Students should never get bored. They are always entertained by one or other means. Many toys and tools are built up for students in the play area

  • Schools and Colleges

    Peace International owns many Schools and Collages and from the experience peace school is developing day by day.